Surf: An ethereal mixing of influences

surff« Surf is for the people » _ Here is the headline claimed by the indie artist Donnie Trumpet (ex Nico Segal, member of Kids These Days) and picked up by several artists, last Thursday. This day was indeed marked by the release of Surf, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment’s “collective project”.

For months, only a few things had filtered about this project, except the flashy videoclip of ‘Sunday Candy’ or the instrumental Nothing Came To Me, starring Cara Delavingne. Instead of being ‘a simple collaboration between friends and musicians‘ (according to Chance’s words), It had become a considerable structure, involving a prestigious program among them: rappers, poets, Soul and Gospel singers. Far from being a simple album, Surf is a real testing. The richness of this team effort lies in the fact that Donnie Trumpet (who is the main instigator of the project) gave ‘carte blanche’ to the different guests. These latters came with their own musical background. The only significant leitmotiv was Donnie’s Trumpet which purred on each tracks.

surffSurf appears as a feel good musical, following an outline, each leading figure bringing its contribution and its influences. The impressive tracks match with more personal songs. Each song was written and produced by a fifteen member team (mainstream as Big Sean, B.O.B, Janelle Monae and Busta Rhymes; or emerging as Kyle or Raury). We could see a certain variety of influences _ either African and tribal in Windows, poetry slam in Miracle, or Jesse Boykins III’s disco and funk in Go.
We grant a special mention to the Nu Soul Queen Erykah Badu who added her vocals on the smooth title Rememory, featured with Chance, whose song seemed to be an ode to the maternal figure.

Surf is once and for all, one of 2015 revelation, which would manage to challenge other great Hip Hop figures. This album allows Chance and Donnie Trumpet to reach a bigger audience and renown. Needless to say tracks as Slip Side, Familiar and Windows would achieve posterity.
Surf is now available on the American version of ITunes and available below:

Original article in French available here .


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